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In reef and saltwater aquariums, turbulence is your goal. Aquarium wavemakers alternate power to your powerheads to mimic ocean currents. The movement and current flow that you will get throughout your tank will help prevent dead pockets around your corals and live rock where unwanted detritus can accumulate. With the wave/current action it will dislodge the detritus and allow it to be stirred up and filtered through your mechanical filter to remove it. Don't think that this will completely remove all unwanted detritus. A good cleaning and regular maintenance routines are still important.

Corals thrive on the motion of the ocean. The current and water movements stimulate them and brings food TO them, keeping them active and healthy. Not only that, but when you're sitting and watching your aquarium, the movement of your corals softly swaying is beautiful and calming. If you have fish in your tank, it is fun to watch them interact with the currents too.

Many powerheads (read product reviews & compare prices) will work in connection with wavemakers that feature controlling devices or timers for turning on and off the powerheads at different intervals, say every minute up to 40 minutes or so. To take a look at the different types of wavemakers available on the market and to learn more about them, refer to t

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