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Aquarium Heater General Info:

In almost all cases you will need an aquarium heater to maintain the temperature of your tank. If the temperature of your house gets below the required temperature of the organisms in your aquarium, you will need an aquarium heater.

Types of Heaters:

  • Submersible Heaters are very precise and come in many sizes. These heaters are usually made glass and can only be submerged to just below the point of the temperature controller.
  • Inline Heaters are placed inline with a water line outside the tank. This serves the purpose of removing a potentially unsightly heater from the tank.
  • Cable Heaters use a cable placed beneath the surface of the substrate to heat the water and roots of plants.   
  • Titanium aquarium heaters are fully submersible heaters made of durable titanium. The heater controller is external and the heater comes in 300 watt and 500 watt versions.

Heater Tips:

  • 3-5 watts per gallon is recommended for keeping your aquarium at optimal temperatures
  • Abnormally cold houses will require more watts per gallon
  • Using more than one heater is advisable because heaters ultimately will fail one day and having a backup heater will keep your tank temperature from fluctuating wildly in the interim before you can replace your heater.
  • When changing the temperature of your tank, proceed slowly. Sudden temperature changes stress fish and corals

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