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Dosing Pumps & Top-off

Dosing pumps can be used to control the precise daily dosing of kalkwasser, calcium, fertilizers, two part supplements, trace elements or to top off water due to evaporation. The output of these dosing pumps is usually less than 1 gph, which is closer to a drip than a steady flow. This low flow is advantageous when the slow introduction of a liquid is necessary.

Dosing pumps are often used to provide top off water while they are dosing the tank. The Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrer 1000 can be used with the Aqua Medic Niveaumat SP3000 (Automatic Top Off unit with peristaltic pump and float switch) to automatically dose with kalkwasser and provide top off water to a sump or tank as water evaporates.

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